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      1. Hohhot Guangxin Chemical Trade Co.,Ltd.

            Main products


        Methanesulfonyl chloride


          CAS NO 124-63-0
          Structural formula


        English name Methanesulfonyl chloride
        Alias Mesyl chloride
        CAS RN 124-63-0
        EINECS No. 204-706-1
        Molecular formula CH3ClO2S
        Molecular weight 114.54
        Specification Appearance: colorless transparent oily liquid
        Content: 99.5%
        Color number: 30 MAX
        Moisture: 200PPM MAX
        Iron: 5PPM MAX
        Heavy metal: 5PPM MAX
        Melting point: -32℃
        25℃ viscidity: 1.97CP
        Use used as materials of pesticide, drug and other organic synthesizes, and used as fuel chlorinating agent, paint hardening agent and others.
        Technical index
        Item Parameters
        Appearance Colorless transparent oily liquid
        Specific gravity 1.48
        Boiling point(℃) 164
        Flash point(℃) 110
        Melting point(℃) -32
        Heavy metal 10ppm max
        Iron 10ppm max
        Water 250ppm max
        Purity 99.8%
        Packing 250kg plastic drum.