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      1. Hohhot Guangxin Chemical Trade Co.,Ltd.

            Main products


        Methanesulphonic acid


          CAS NO 75-75-2
          Structural formula


        English name Methanesulphonic acid
        Alias Methanesulphonic acid; Methylsulfonic Acid; Mesic acid
        CAS RN 75-75-2
        EINECS No. 200-898-6
        Molecular formula CH4O3S
        Molecular weight 96.1
        Specification 1.Methanesulphonic acid 70%
        Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
        Color number: 10 MAX
        Content: 70~71%
        Chloridion: 5PPM MAX
        Sulfate ion : 15PPM MAX
        Iron: 3PPM MAX
        Pb: 1PPM MAX
        Sodium: 1PPM MAX
        Calcium: 1PPM MAX
        Heavy metal: 10PPM MAX
        Oxide: 10PPM MAX

        2.Methanesulphonic acid 99%
        Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
        Color number: 30 MAX
        Content: 99%MIN
        Chloridion: 20PPM MAX
        Sulfate ion : 50PPM MAX
        Iron: 5PPM MAX
        Heavy metal: 5PPM MAX
        Moisture: 0.5%MAX
        Properties Light brown oily liquid and solid in low temperature. 
        Melting point: 20℃
        Boiling point: 167℃(13.33kPa)122℃(0.133kPa)
        Relative density: 1.4812(18℃)
        Refractive index: 1.4317(16℃)
        Soluble in water, alcohol and ester, and insoluble in benzene, toluene and others.
        Use used as activator of solvent, polymerization, alkylation and esterification, and still used in pharmaceutical and plating industry.
        Technical index
        Item Parameters
        Appearance Colorless or light brown oil liquid and solid low temperature
        Specific gravity 1.48
        Boiling point(℃) 167
        Melting point(℃) 20
        Refractive index 1.43
        Purity 99%
        Packing 250kg plastic drum.