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      1. Hohhot Guangxin Chemical Trade Co.,Ltd.

            Main products


        Sodium sulfide


          CAS NO 1313-82-2
          Structural formula


        English name Sodium sulfide
        Chinese alias Sodium monosulfide; Sodium sulfide (Na2S); sodium sulfuret; SODIUM SULPHIDE; Disodium monosulfide; Disodium sulfide; disodiummonosulfide; disodiumsulfide; Hesthsulphid; Na2-S
        CAS RN 1313-82-2
        EINECS No. 215-211-5
        Molecular formula Na2S
        Molecular weight 78.03

        Density 1.86 
        Melting point 950°C 
        Water solubility186 g/L (20°C) 
        Light yellow flake

        Use Used to manufacture dye, sulfide, and used as peltry epilating agent and others.