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      1. Hohhot Guangxin Chemical Trade Co.,Ltd.

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          CAS NO 7704-34-9
          Structural formula


        English name Sulfur(a)
        Alias sulfur (99.999%) 3-4mm flakes; sulfurpowderprecipitatedpurifiedmeshpowder; sulphur, precipitated, sublimed or colloidal; sulfur flowers; sulfurnmmflakes; sulfurpowdersublimedmeshpowder; sulfur powder; thione; sulphur; sulfur standard solution 1000 ppm; sulfur roll; sulfur precipitated; s-80; microthiol special; rasulf; sulfur; sulfur, aas standard solution; sulfur ad usum externum; sulfur atomic absorption standard; sulfur,
        CAS RN 7704-34-9
        EINECS No. 231-722-6
        Molecular formula S
        Molecular weight 32.06

        Characters: light yellow powder for powder sulfur .
        Melting point:112.8℃
        Boiling point: 444.6℃
        Relative density:2.07 
        Solubility:Soluble in carbon bisulfide and insoluble in water .

        Use Used to manufacture dye, rubber product and other products, and used in pharmaceutical and other departments.